Frush O’Suggill


Frush O’Suggill is a hale and hearty 51-year-old veteran of many wars. A former adventurer, he led the party that defeated the giants eighteen years ago and penetrated the Abyss to end the threat of Lolth’s black hemisphere.


He then went on to study at the Furyondian College of War before participating in the Greyhawk Wars. After the signing of the Pact of Greyhawk ten years ago, he resigned his commission in Furyondy and returned to Keoland to assist in the liberation of Sterich. Marquis Querchard appointed him as Captain-General of the Watch shortly thereafter to utilize his valuable experience and training for the future defense of the city. O’Suggill is completely loyal to the marchioness and the march, having spilled no small amount of his own blood in its defense. He now searches for some way to bring about the end of the threat that hovers over Istivin. From his past experiences, he believes that the drow are somehow involved, but with no tangible enemy to fight he’s growing frustrated. He meets occasionally with his old allies Redmod Dumple (prince of the Dwarven Court) and Prefect Randos (high priest of Zilchus) to reminisce and discuss strategy for combating the evils afflicting the city. Despite his duties, O’Suggill still considers himself an adventurer, and is very friendly to others who share his profession.

Frush O’Suggill